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This is my 1965 289 Street Cobra, commonly called a “slabside” due to the mild fender flares which angle straight down. It is British Racing Green with tan leather interior. It was finished in April of 2010 and won best of show in it's first outing. As with all AC Cobras it has a 3” mild steel tube frame, 4 wheel independent suspension with transverse leaf springs front & rear, and an aluminum body. The engine is a Ford 289 “K-Code” motor that was designed for the Mustangs. This example has the original cast iron intake manifold, Autolite 4 barrel carburetor, and the original cast iron exhaust manifolds. It weighs under 2000 pounds and made 340 horsepower on the engine dyno. It currently resides at the Shelby museum in Las Vegas, I will pick it back up in March of 2011.




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