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This is my Factory Five Type 65 Cobra Daytona Coupe Replica. Yes, I actually do own a replica Cobra, because the last real Daytona Coupe sold for over ten million dollars. This replica was built by a Fortune 500 CEO to go race the Mille Miglia in Italy, then he found out you can't race a replica there. It was a no expense spared build, he used nothing but the best parts available. It has a requisite small block Ford making 800 horsepower on 100 octane race fuel. The power goes through a custom made Tremec 5 speed to an IRS. Inside there's no carpet, two aluminum racing bucket seats, and a full roll cage. That's all. No windows, no A/C, no radio, non of that sissy stuff. This is a man's car.

This car is absolutely brutal to drive, it is street legal but it's not very streetable. There's a big difference, and this car showed me that difference. I drive some crazy stuff on the street, but this car is insane. The closest thing I can equate it to is trying to drive a Winston Cup car on the street. It (barely) idles at 1100RPM, and the engine doesn't smooth out until you hit almost 3000RPM. I have no idea where the redline is, I haven't had the guts to find out on the street. It's got zero traction in first or second gear, and in third gear you're getting supersonic long before it runs out of breath. There is a ton of driveline noise because there is ZERO sound deadening. The exhaust is absolutely obnoxious. It's a royal pain to get in out of, it's cramped, and in the summer you can't believe how hot it is inside. In short, it's wonderful. I just wish it was easier to get in and out of.

Due to my (large) size and the problems fitting in it, this car is for sale.







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